Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Blue-Gear have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

A: During the first 30 days after your purchase - if the product has any defects or does not meet your expectations for fit, comfort or sound quality, you can return it for a full refund or like product exchange. Refunds are based on price paid and will be paid in the same form as the original payment; if by credit card, the refund will be credited directly to the credit card used; if payment was by check, a check will be issued.

Q: Does Blue-Gear have a Warranty Repair Policy?
Q: Does Blue-Gear have a Extended Warranty Option?
Q: What is Not Covered Under the Product Warranty?
Q: What is Covered Under the Product Warranty?
Q: What are your Shipping and Handling policies?
Q: What is a PSAP?

A: PSAP stands for Personal Sound Amplification Product. A PSAP is used to enhance your natural hearing when you want a little extra boost.

Q: How do I insert a battery into my C-Shell?

Your Crescent uses a 10A battery. Please use brand-name batteries because they vary in size. Not all batteries are the same even if they are labelled as the same size. Some offbrand batteries are literally a millimeter or two larger than name-brand batteries.

Battery Insertion Video

Pulling off the plastic sticker activates the battery. Do not pull the tab off until you need to use the battery. The batteries may take up to 2 minutes to fully air activate when the tab is removed.

Check to make sure no adhesive is remaining on the battery blocking the activation holes. Rub the battery on the flat side with your finger to remove any debris and activation should occur. Also make sure wax is not blocking the end of the sound tube and tip.

Note: Because of their small size, it is recommended you insert or remove batteries on a table or desk to reduce the risk of dropping the instrument or battery.

Step 1
Using your fingernail, gently pull up on the battery door tab until the door swings open. Do not push against the volume button. Do not open the battery door too far or damage may occur.

Note: The rounded side of the battery is negative and the completely flat side is positive. The flat side (+) needs to be on the doors red dot side.

Step 2
With the red dot of the battery door facing you, hold the battery with the rounded edge positioned towards the back, place the flat top part of the battery under the doors front lip. Tucking the battery under the front edge motion will allow the bottom of the battery to slide into the door fully.

Caution: Proper installation of the battery is very important; incorrect installation of the battery or forcing the battery door shut with the battery inserted incorrectly may result in breaking the battery door.

Step 3
With the battery installed, close the battery door to turn the device on. To turn off the device and to prevent battery use when not in use, gently pull the battery door open.

Step 4
To remove the battery, reverse the installation process. With the battery red door dot facing you, slide the bottom of the battery towards you. This will allow the battery to move from under the front lip.

Please dispose of used batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Do not place batteries in your mouth. If swallowed, contact your physician immediately or call the National Battery Hotline at 1-202-625-3333.

Q: How do I insert the C-Shell into my ear?

Look for the serial number located on the back. A blue serial number indicates that it fits only a left ear and a red serial number indicates that it fits only a right ear.

Place the unit in the ear using your thumb and forefinger. Insert the smaller (tip) end first. Then turn/twist the top part into the ear.

Note: Using the mirror is helpful.

Placement In-The-Ear Video

When inserting the Crescent for the first time, there may be a whistle. We suggest that you practice without the battery in the unit until you have perfected placement in your ear.

To remove the unit, push down on earlobe with the thumb to create a space for your thumb. Grab the Crescent with your forefinger at the top and place your thumb at the bottom of the shell.

Pull the unit straight out.

Open the battery door to turn the device off and to save on battery life. Opening the battery door allows internal moisture to evaporate, which keeps the Crescent electronics working well.

Note: Do not pull on the battery door at any point. This can damage the battery door.

Q: How do I adjust my C-Shell's volume?

Once the battery is inserted the unit turns on and automatically goes to the lowest volume level.

There are four sound levels. Each press of the button will increase the sound level by approximately 5 dB. When at the fourth level (loudest) and the push-button is pressed, the unit will go back to the first (lowest) level.

As you increase the volume, you will hear a series of beeps indicating the change.

The Crescent has been set at the factory for a maximum device amplification of 25 dB.

Note: Your unit is turned on and off by opening and closing the battery door. Opening the battery door every time you remove your device will prolong the life of your batteries.

Q: Why does my C-Shell squeal when I press the program button or put my hand to my ear?

A: Your C-Shell has an advanced feedback management system in the digital circuitry. This feature stops the C-Shell from whistling in normal listening situations. When you put your hand, or any object such as a phone or hat too close to the microphone on the C-Shell, it causes sound to reflect back to the microphone which results in the whistling. Simply move the object away and the whistling will stop.

Q: Why do my ears feel plugged up with the C-Shell?

A: The C-Shell comes with 3 different sized silicon ear-tips. You can try a smaller tip or, you can even remove the tip completely. This should eliminate any "plugged-up" feeling.

Tip Placement Video

Q: How often should I wear my C-Shells?

A: You can wear the C-Shell as long as you like during waking hours. You may choose to only wear your C-shells when you encounter situations where you want enhanced hearing such as; listening to a distant speaker, nature walks, birdwatching, or distant conversations. It is not recommended that you wear your C-Shells to bed.

Q: I sometimes hear 3 beeps and I haven't touched the volume button. Why does my C-Shell do this?

A: Your C-Shell circuit has a low battery warning signal. If you randomly hear three beeps, your C-Shell is telling you to change the battery.

Q: Where do I get new batteries for my C-Shell?

A: Your C-Shell retailer will carry the batteries for your C-Shell. Always buy 10A batteries in the yellow packaging.

Q: Is there any special care required for my C-Shell?

A: Blue-Gear recommends that when you take you C-Shell out that you open the battery door. This will prevent the battery from draining and also allows airflow to circulate around the electronics which will extend the life of your C-Shell. It is also recommended that you check your C-Shell tip for earwax. Daily cleaning with a soft cloth and the wax tool that is provided will also extend the life of you C-Shell. Never stick any objects into the receiver hole as this could damage the receiver tube.

Q: How long will my batteries last?

A: Battery life depends on frequency of use. Typically, you can expect the battery to last 4-5 days if you are wearing your C-Shell all day. Battery life will also depend on what volume setting you use. The higher the volume, the shorter the battery life. If you fail to open the battery door when the C-Shell is not in use the battery will continue to drain. Always remember that the batteries you purchase have a shelf life. If you store your batteries for too long of a period you may find that they have expired. Never remove the battery tab until you are ready to use the battery. Removing the tab activates the battery.

Q: What do I do if I need to get my C-Shell repaired?

A: Your C-Shell comes with a 90 day warranty. If your C-Shell should fail during the warranty period simply return it to Blue-Gear's authorized repair center and we will happily repair it or replace it for you.